Fan Art Page 4

Still yet even more great fan art from even more talented artists! :)
Send me an e-mail if you've got something you'd like me to put here!


This one is from one of the true greats of the online artist world. I have been in awe of her perfect and articulate toony style for years now, and this is just one more example of her incredible skill! If you've never seen TabbieWolf's art before, stop what you're doing NOW and go click on her name-link up there. You won't be sorry! ^_^
  • Snowicet & Squinx by TabbieWolf


    This is from one of my newest webcomic artist friends. Sadly, she brought her comic to an end before it really gained a readership, but she may bring it back one day (I hope!) <:)
  • KatEllis as a kitten by Trizar
  • The Nameless Vixen by Trizar


    This is from a new artistic member of my forum, Be sure to check out his own comic linked above, it's an unusually atmosperic work!
  • Kit & Kay Tango by ImagenAshyun

    Tobias Stamm

    Here's a new piece from an artist who's also starting his own comic (in German)
  • Kit & Kay by Manderby

    LunaCrystal Creations

    You'll have to visit this artist's website to believe it!
  • Kay Fan Art by Brittany Vance

    Blossoming Jasmine

    A brand-new work by a very talented fan who wishes to remain anonymous. A story of a new visitor and her experiences in Yiffburg!
  • Blossoming Jasmine Part 1
  • Blossoming Jasmine Part 2
  • Blossoming Jasmine Part 3
  • Blossoming Jasmine Part 4
  • Blossoming Jasmine Part 5
  • Blossoming Jasmine Part 6

    A First For Everything

    A thoroughly excellent, complete story from Karma about a longtime couple's first-time experience in The Yiffiest Place On Earth. ^_^
  • A First For Everything Part 1
  • A First For Everything Part 2
  • A First For Everything Part 3
  • A First For Everything Part 4
  • A First For Everything Part 5
  • A First For Everything Part 6
  • A First For Everything Part 7


    If you've ever been to FurAffinity, you probably already know this artist's incredible works. If you haven't been to FurAffinity, go NOW! I am deeply honored that he has chosen to render Shirlee and I in his own iniminable manner. ^_^
  • Shirlee and I by Asthexiancal

    Mama’s Coming Home

    This is a truly well-written and beautiful story about a mother's children discovering her past life in Yiffburg!
  • Mama’s Coming Home
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