Fan Art Page 2

More great fan art from more talented artists! :)
Send me an e-mail if you've got something you'd like me to put here!

Karma (Katie Popp)

Karma has a new online comic - you must read it! Along with other wonderful art on my site, I got this one by the skill and daring of her blueskunk Pepe Val Pew. You want to know who the other charcaters are? Read her comic! :)
  • Nick & Rose & Kit & Kay

    Seth Triggs

    Another new webcomic you should check out! Seth seemed to know that my little foxies (when they're not yiffing) are performers. :)
  • Kit n Kay by Seth


    One of my personal favorite artists, just from her style alone she'd be a hit! But the delightful energy she puts into her art puts her in a class by herself! :)
  • Kit n Kay by TabbieWolf

    Chris Farrington (Kelvin the Lion)

    More delightful art from the Macropod Madness star!
  • Kay Boodle by Kelvin the Lion


    A minicomic from a fan who wanted to say more than just 'thanks'. Thanks from me to him! :)
  • Kit n Kay by Omniwolf

    Brainsister (Kristi Russell)

    A brand-new artist (to me, anyway) who sent me a totally charming Valentine-style pic of Kit Boodle. Go see her art on Side 7! :)
  • Kit Boodle by Brainsister

    Lone Fox

    Once again a tall-size version of Kay!
  • Kay Boodle by LoneFox

    Bahamut Dragons

    Something new: a text chronicle of Bahamut and his stay in Yiffburg! Discoveries, reveries and personal reflections are the main concepts here.
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